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Everyone deserves a healthy smile!

For decades, dental care has been the single greatest unmet health need for adults with IDD. The Kramer Davis team seeks to finally resolve this problem in our communities and to improve access to quality dental care.

Our dental clinic is a calm, happy, secure place with compassionate professionals who strive to improve the quality of life for individuals with IDD.


Alleviating Fears

While dental care can cause anxiety in some patients, Kramer Davis dental clinicians strive to customize the dental experience by incorporating protocols that make each individual patient feel more comfortable. It is not uncommon to find patients listening to their favorite music or watching their favorite movie while receiving dental care at a Kramer Davis clinic. We pride ourselves in the quality of comprehensive patient-centered dental services we provide. These services include oral exams, cleanings, restorations, dentures, crowns, and root canals. We utilize state-of-the-art dental restorative materials, instruments, equipment, and diagnostic protocols.


Truly Holistic Care

One feature frequently missing in other clinics across the country that advertise holistic care for patients with IDD is dental care. Since 2003, dental care has been a core component in our constellation of clinical services. Our dental team works closely with the other Kramer Davis disciplines to provide truly seamless holistic care. Many medical conditions present with oral manifestations, and many behavioral problems are driven by untreated dental lesions. So dentistry absolutely must be a part of the grand scheme. Our dentists design treatment plans and coordinate care with physicians, behavior analysts, speech pathologists, occupational therapists, nutritionists, and other Kramer Davis clinicians.


Advocates for our Patients

Our dental clinicians are not just healthcare providers; they’re advocates for our patients. With all the social, economic, physical, cognitive, and societal challenges facing patients with IDD, it’s imperative that our dentists, dental hygienists, and dental assistants go beyond being just clinicians for our patients; they must also assume the responsibility of being teachers and advocates, as well. The smallest success we achieve for our patients, the most incremental improvement in their quality of life that we make possible provides us with unimaginable satisfaction. Our patients make us better people. Our lives are improved every day by them, and by our opportunity to serve them.


Welcome to Kramer Davis, we’re so glad you’re here.

Upon entering the clinic, patients and caregivers are welcomed in a calm, clean environment. Our team introduce themselves and engage with both the patient & caregiver and learn about the details of a patient’s life. We use that information to modify our space to meet their particular sensory needs.

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Intentionally & effectively communicating with you.

Throughout each appointment, clinicians and staff ensure that we communicate each step in a way that our patients can understand (verbal, visual, pictures, communication devices, etc). We encourage parents, caregivers, and guardians to relax and allow us to focus our care on their loved one.

Become a New Patient

Dental examination and holistic treatment plan

For the first dental visit, patients receive a comprehensive dental examination including x-rays and an examination of their teeth, gums, head, and neck. We utilize this information to build a holistic treatment plan, collaborating with primary care, and even dietary counseling, and swallowing evaluations as needed.

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Empowering you with achievable goals

We prioritize setting clear, achievable goals for our patients to attain a healthy smile for life. Our patients leave with a sense of security and pride; having completed their best dental experience and feeling empowered by their ability to achieve the goals we have set. We embrace questions and take the time to achieve understanding.

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Going above & beyond your greatest expectations

As you leave, we hope you feel relief. You take a deep breath. The pressure is alleviated, and you know that you have a whole team here working together to coordinate the best possible care and outcome. The dentists, BCBA, other providers, and specialists are all working together with you! You came to the right place.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our team answers some of our most frequently asked questions in the area of dental health for those with IDD.

How often should I see my dentist?

While most people see the dentist every 6 months, many of our patients may require a more frequent recall schedule to ensure they maintain good oral health.

How do you make sure the patient is comfortable during dental care?

We utilize information from the patient/family/caregivers to change/modify the dental space to meet the patient’s needs (sensory, etc).

How long with this dental appointment take?

Most dental procedures will take about 1 hour, but some require extra time and attention like, root canals, crowns (or caps), bridge work, and some extractions.

Do I need to stay during this appointment?

In case of an unforeseen change in treatment or emergency, we need someone to be present in our clinic for the duration of all patient appointments.

How often do we need to turn in paperwork?

We update patient paperwork annually. So many things can change for all of us in a year, it is important that we are updated yearly so that we may understand any medical history or lifestyle changes that may affect patient care.

Can we go ahead and eat when we leave?

When the patient is being seen for a regular cleaning appointment or an annual exam, it should be fine to eat as soon as you leave. After a filling, a deep cleaning, or an extraction the patient may be numb, and the dental team member may want you to use caution before going to eat. The dental team member will be sure that you are given the proper information before you leave each appointment.

How often do you schedule regular recall appointments?

Recall frequencies are determined by multiple factors such as oral hygiene and home care routine. If the patient has good oral hygiene with no cavities, we may schedule cleanings every 6 months. If oral hygiene is fair or poor, we will try to get the patient on a more frequent recall, (3 to 4 months), so that we can work to improve overall oral health.

What is a DCE and why would my loved one need this before a dental appointment?

DCE stands for Decisional Capacity Evaluation. Once your loved one turns 18, they are their own guardian. In dentistry we must make sure that our patients have informed consent or understand outcomes. If we have a new patient who is their own guardian, we will request that they have a DCE, so we know if they understand outcomes of dental procedures. Once a tooth is extracted, there are limited procedures to replace that tooth; therefore, it is pertinent that our patients understand the decisions being made. If they are unable to understand outcomes, we want to ensure that there is someone who can legally help them make the best decision for their health.

Please Note: Services may vary for each Kramer Davis clinic location.